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How to Choose the Right Keynote Speaker for Your Next Event

Keynote speakers set the right impression for business events and finding the right person is important. They essentially decide the fate of the success of the event. The very first thing to take care is to make good identification of the theme of the event and/or speech.

Additionally, here are some helpful suggestions that would help in finding the suitable kind of keynote speaker.

• Budget

Budget is a significant factor in making selection of the right kind of keynote speaker for an event. While different speakers can command a variety of fee structures dependent on many variables, you’ll want to make sure your budget is realistic. Budget at least a range of $2,500 – 5,000 to start; you may need to adjust this up or down as you start to pinpoint specific needs for your event and audience.

• Set clear goals for the event and potential speaker first

Have clear identification of the goal and the purpose of the speech and event prior to the start of your search, as this will make the search and hiring process much easier.

• If possible, meet potential speakers in person first

Once you’ve narrowed down some choices, be sure to set up appointment to meet in person. If you can attend an event showcasing that speaker, better yet; you’ll be able to see what and how it’s being delivered. Either way, you’ll want to meet any potential hire in person and try to gauge his/her talent beforehand.

• Don’t always go with recommendations

If any recommendations come your way, don’t follow them blindly. Even if a keynote speaker is being heartily referred by a colleague, consider the referral but make a thorough check before hiring the person as you would with any other potential speaker.

• Ask for sample work

There are many freelance keynote speakers that offer their independent services with samples. Their sample speeches can typically be requested or found on a speaker’s website. Be sure to check out samples and/or Keynote descriptions.

• Speaking skills

A good speaker will keep your audience engaged and entertained through their speaking skills, as well as their content. The formula to key to finding the best speaker is content + talent = audience excitement!

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