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Goal Setting: You Can’t Hit a Moving Target!

Goal Setting…

Ok, I’ll go out on a limb here and believe that you took the time to write down all your 2017 Goals, are checking them regularly and are on track for complete success.
Wait! What? You didn’t go beyond your New Year’s Resolutions?

No! Seriously? You didn’t even get that far? Shaking my head- tsk, tsk, tsk.

Well, let me tell you the good news is that there’s still plenty of year left for you to not only consider your 2017 Goals and how to achieve them but to actually implement a plan.
So, how do you set your Goals?
First of all you need to have the big Why – and only you can answer that question. Take a pad & pen, or an electronic version thereof, and for fifteen minutes just free write the Why of some of the things you want to accomplish between today and your 2017 toast to the New Year. Whether it’s lose weight for the dreaded class reunion, develop a marketing plan for a new service or product, learn yoga… whatever it is just slap it down on the page. Once you have that done you will be prepared to take the steps necessary to turn those ideas into reality.

We need to see our Goals in writing. Our mind needs this so that the Goals turn from a vague concept to reality. We need it written down to allow the Goals become real in both our conscious and our unconscious. Yes, I know it’s old school. Stop whining. It works!

Writing down our goals does 5 important things:

1. Brings Clarity to our vision
2. Forces laser sharp Focus
3. Serves to drive us Forward
4. Creates a platform for our own self-Accountability
5. Opens us up to visualize our true Potential

My own list started with 10 items for 2017. Three of these are crossed off as Done & Done. And, yes I look at the list every single day (more than once) to reinforce to myself what I said I wanted and I needed to accomplish in 2017. I also derive a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that I have three already completed. This is the Goal-Effort-Success wheel.
Since we’re mid-2017 I suggest you select not more than 5, maybe even 3, Goals to complete by the end of the year.
How to we create these Goals? The formula is to make them SMART.

a. Specific
b. Measurable
c. Attainable
d. Relevant
e. Timely

Specificity is one of the most important aspects and can take the most time to settle in our minds. For example, if you decide one of your Goals is to lose weight you want to write it as: I will (not I want) lose 11 pounds by October so I can buy a new suit for the January class reunion. You don’t want to write it as: I need to lose weight for the class reunion.

Measurability in this instance is pretty obvious. You’re going to check your weight daily, weekly and monthly. Keeping track of how close you are getting to the stated Goal of losing eleven pounds.
Is the weight loss of eleven pounds Attainable? Only you know whether it is or it isn’t. But losing two to three pounds a month and keeping it off sounds reasonable and doable.

Finally, does this Goal really resonate with you? Is it Relevant to your life and present set of circumstances. You know that new suit will look great and you will feel sharp if you’re wearing it with a little less padding.

Goal Setting is our road map to success. Without it we’re blindly facing each day from scratch. This can be exhausting and frustrating. No matter how lofty our Goals are, no matter how many roadblocks we face in our daily lives, if we know exactly where we want to end up and have benchmarks on the way we can push through to Success!

Even though we’re half way through 2017 there are more than enough days, weeks and months for you to get some great things accomplished.

I am challenging you to stop what you’re doing right this minute, get to a quiet place and do your Goal Setting today. This single action sets you up for a planning session at the end of this year so that you start 2017 with your SMART Goals ready for take off!