“If You’re Laughing,
You’re Learning!”™

Joanne Chando is a national speaker and instructor  who has engaged and enlightened audiences across the country for 35+ years! Her brand of humor not only sticks with you and your event attendees, but will also enable everyone to learn and have fun!

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Joanne is a motivational and inspirational humorist with experience to share!

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Joanne has guided thousands to a new beginning throughout her 35 years of speaking engagements.

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A proven and highly rated speaker for large corporate events and conferences.

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Your Experience

Dear Joanne,
Thank you for teaching our GRI 102 class at NABOR in Naples. You made it interesting and funny and I truly appreciate you stepping in at the last minute to fill in for the teacher. Wishing you and your agents a successful year in business and in life.
Kind Regards,

– Dina M

Hi Joanne,

Thank you so much for the two wonderful sessions at GARCAR today.

I gave you a rave review and asked Teresa if we could clone you and have you teach every course at GACAR. She is taking it under advisement.

All kidding aside, a sincere thank you for the generosity of your knowledge, experience, expertise and warm spirit. You have fed a little spark inside me and I look forward to stoking into a roaring fire.

Hope to see you soon at the next event. Be well.

Christine J

Beth to Joanne Chando Productions

I only wish I did a video testimonial after your RSPS class at PRO today.
By far one of the most engaging instructors I’ve had to date.
Really loved it. Thank you!

Dear Joanne,

Thank you for your dedication & support of the ABR & REBAC Courses.
We are grateful to have you as an Instructor.


Dawn & REBAC Staff

I wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me in the GRI 100 course I just completed at ORRA. I learned so much and feel that I have more tools to succeed. I look forward to our paths crossing again!


– Sincerely, Brad B

Hi Joanne!

I want to Thank You for your commitment to teaching us. And I want to acknowledge you for being a beacon of light. Not everyone shines the way you do and I love it.

Have a great day!
Warmest regards,


Karen Marie Carli

Hi Joanne,
Thank you for one of the most entertaining classes I have had the pleasure of taking at ORRA.


Ashley Realtor – Orlando, Florida Area

Dear Joanne,
To the great inspirational and motivational eloquent speaker…THANK YOU! It was a great pleasure having your presence at our District V event. Everyone loves to hear you speak and your message is interesting and enjoyed by all! Thanks again!



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Joanne Chando

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Joanne has delighted audiences across the country as a keynote speaker for numerous market segments, such as real estate, academia, medical and entrepreneurship, just to name a handful! No matter what your industry or market segment, attendees love Joanne’s positive and uplifting approach – and her hilarious perspective on life!


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Joanne Chando is a national speaker, and instructor who has engaged and enlightened audiences across the country for 35 years! Her brand of humor not only sticks with you and your event attendees, but will also enable everyone to learn and have fun!

Success Stories

Dear Joanne,
Thank you for a great class on SRS.  You’re one of the best instructors I have ever had. You have a one of a kind ability to engage the entire class.  Two days went so quickly.
Thank you,


Hello Joanne,

Just taking a few minutes to say Thank you for validating the things that I do (and must continue to do) for future success. It occurred to me that this SRS designation course was about LISTing properties. Well, I guess I’m on the right path as I believe in LISTS.

Be Blessed,